Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 Tips for a Great Fall Hike

Where did the summer go? I must admit that this is somewhat of a depressing day as I sit here looking out at the first snowfall of the year. I don’t really mind winter, but I really hate the coming and going.

However, I’m sure the snow will melt by tomorrow and this is still one of the best times of the year to hit the trails. The bugs are gone, the temperature is great for hiking, and the trails are not nearly as busy.

There are a few precautions you can take at this time of year to make your hike safer and more enjoyable:

1. Be sure your hiking boots are waterproof. A wet foot during a summer hike can be an inconvenience but at this time of year it can be down right miserable.

2. Carry an extra pair of socks (or two) and keep them in a sealed plastic bag.

3. Be sure that someone knows where you are going to hike and a general time that you will return home. Again, getting turned around on a warm summer day is an inconvenience, but after dark the temperature can plummet at this time of year in Southern Ontario.

4. Carry your cell phone. It may not seem real outdoorsy but for the most part cell service is reliable in most parts of Southern Ontario and a cell phone can be a life saver. Just leave it turned off so you can enjoy your fall hiking experience.

5. Watch for ice on the trail. Even though daytime temperatures can be quite pleasant, nighttime temperatures often fall below the freezing point this time of year. And because the sun is lower on the horizon ice on rocks and slopes may not thaw as quickly as the surrounding areas.

Consider these five tips as you head out on the trails and you will have a great fall hiking experience and return home safe.

Have a great fall hike in Southern Ontario,



  1. Carry a walking stick or poles. It makes those slippery spots a bit safer.

  2. Good advice, thank you :)


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